NEVER TOO OPEN except Sunday

Dear customers,
as stated in the press conference, we will be closed on Sundays and until further notice. Know that you are our priority and we continue to monitor the situation closely.

We look forward to continuing to serve you!


Aubut’s Corporate Rewards Card allows participants to receive a discount percentage for every dollar spent in our store. This price reduction may be exchanged or used as payment against goods, gift cards or other rewards presented in the Corporate Rewards Program.


Everyone can become members of our Program.

The Corporate Privilege Program is a reward program where the members receive a discount reward (Aubut Dollars) for every dollar spent in our store (minimum amount of $10,000 annually).

The card holder receives Aubut Dollars for every net purchase, with the exception of wine and beer purchases, and bottle deposits.

The client will see the updated Aubut Dollars balance on his/her invoice.
The Aubut Dollars can be used as a method of payment for the purchase of merchandise in our store. To redeem the rewards, you shall present your Corporate Privilege Program Card at the register.
If the Corporate Privilege Program Card is lost or stolen, you must notify us immediately. We will transfer the unused Aubut Dollars on the new card you will receive. Fees of $10.00 will be charged for the replacement card.
The program has no reward limit.
Yes. If the card has not been used for more that twelve (12) consecutive months, a notice will be sent indicating that you have to use it within the next six (6) months. Following the expiry of this period, the entire unused balance will automatically be cancelled, without compensation.
The first card is free at registration, and $5.00 will be charged for any additional card.