Life at Aubut

Boost your career in a fast growing company! Do you have a great team spirit and are you always ready to face new challenges? Welcome to Aubut! As a friendly and constantly evolving company, we are always on the lookout for motivated candidates to grow our team!

Join a stimulating
and diversified universe

8 good reasons to join the Aubut team

  • Improve your skills with free training sessions
  • Flexible schedule
  • Receive 100$ to buy steel cap shoes
  • Participate in a seniority recognition program
  • Enjoy a 7% discount on the warehouse products
  • Obtain the possibility to adhere to a collective REER
  • Benefit from a group insurance plan (life, travel, etc.)
  • Receive a 15% discount to register at the gym

What our team members say!

Aubut, une entreprise familiale qui, au fil du temps, s’est agrandie. Ici, il y a un lien « spécial » entre la famille, ses employés et même sa clientèle. Je n’avais jamais travaillé dans un endroit où les liens étaient aussi « familiers ». C’est agréable de travailler dans une ambiance comme celle-là. Je suis toujours heureuse de passer du temps quotidiennement avec toutes ces belles personnes.

Jennie Parisé Commis de bureau

Ce qui me plaît le plus chez Aubut, c’est le bel esprit d’équipe et l’entraide qui existent entre nous. Nous bénéficions aussi de nombreuses possibilités d’apprentissage. J’aime également beaucoup le contact avec la clientèle qui est vraiment plaisante à côtoyer.

Suzanne Langevin Fromagère

Ce que j’aime surtout dans mon travail, c ‘est la diversité des tâches qui me sont confiées et la flexibilité de mes horaires. Le lieu de travail de travail est aussi très familial et convivial et les relation avec les supérieurs sont très bonnes.

Cherlée Gabriel Caissière

L’ambiance plaisante et l’ouverture d’esprit qui existe au sein de notre équipe sont des atouts précieux à mes yeux. On se sent apprécié et on sent que notre travail est perçu à sa juste valeur.

Charles-Antoine Laurin Commis service à la clientèle

J’aime la proximité qui existe avec les patrons, on ne sent pas de sentiment de supériorité et l’on se sent important. C’est une entreprise familiale où l’on peut facilement trouver sa place.

Eric Bisaillon Acheteur

Le travail d’équipe est très plaisant, il y a une ambiance conviviale entre nous et on s’entraide les uns les autres. Ce que j’aime surtout, c’est la possibilité de nouveaux défis qui nous est offerte et qui rend notre quotidien très enrichissant et stimulant.

Michael Carter Chef d’équipe fruits/légumes

L’ambiance de travail est plaisante, j’apprécie beaucoup de pouvoir travailler dans un environnement convivial et familial. Les clients sont courtois et chaleureux, ce qui est vraiment très agréable et l’équipe est accueillante.

Alexandra Servant Caissière

Aubut’s team spirit,
a lifestyle

Friendly atmosphere. Within our team, you will find a warm and friendly work environment, where communication is always preferred. Supervisors are available to listen to everyone’s opinion. We value teamwork and make sure to keep a nice atmosphere, where everyone can feel genuine.

Activities all year long. If we always try to give the best of ourselves at work, we also like doing activities and sharing time together to chill. Therefore, we organize different activities such as going to the sugar shack, sharing Christmas dinner, going to bowling, etc!

Rewards. At Aubut, we make sure that our employees’ commitment and involvement is rewarded. Therefore, each month, an employee is chosen for his outstanding performance and can benefit from an additional paid day off.

Give a boost to your career
and improve your skills

Training sessions to go further. At Aubut, we always encourage those who want to learn and evolve. That’s why we offer free training sessions for the employees who are interested in learning more, in order for them to make progress and learn how to keep their team updated and efficient.

Competitive salaries. In order to value our employees efforts, we make sure that everyone’s work is fairly rewarded. Therefore, as soon as you start your career at Aubut, you will benefit from a competitive salary but also from some salary increases during your first year of service.

Recognition. Every contribution to Aubut’s success has to be rewarded. In order to do so, we have created a recognition program that highlights commitment and loyalty. Thus, in June and December, a lump sum is attributed according to the employee’s seniority years.

Feel protected everyday

Group benefits. As we want to offer a great quality of life to our staff, we offer group benefits that include: life insurance, disability, travel, dental, healthcare, death and many more.

REER participation. Besides, all our employees can benefit form a collective REER in order to save up their money, avoiding taxes. Therefor, you can ensure your security for the future and achieve your life projects.

Life quality oriented

Flexible hours. If we always intend to perform as well as we can at our job, we also want to keep a good balance between work and personal life. Indeed, each employee is free to manage his/her schedule as it is the most convenient for him/her in order to preserve a good quality of life.

Gym membership. As an Aubut employee, you can benefit from a 15% discount to register at Énergie Cardio center to maintain your shape daily. You can also benefit from a 15% discount at Zéro Gravité, a yoga and climbing center.

Discounts on our products. All our employees have the privilege to benefit from a 7% discount on our products sold in warehouse, except for alcoholic drinks and fresh meat.